About Merritt & Nicola Valley Crime Stoppers


Crime Stoppers is an international, voluntary, non-profit organization that relies on anonymous tips to assist police and other agencies to solve crime. The Merritt & Nicola Valley Crime Stoppers Society has been active since 2010 and is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of volunteers from the community. We engage the public to share information with our local police directly or through our anonymous tip line. We are affiliated with the BC Crime Stoppers Society, the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and Crime Stoppers International forming a global network to disrupt crime and help make our communities safe. We are committed to engaging the public to reduce, prevent, and solve crime in our communities.


Our mission is simple yet powerful: to facilitate a safer society by encouraging citizens like you to come forward with crucial information about crimes and criminals. By ensuring anonymity, we make it easier for you to cooperate without fear of retaliation, enabling law enforcement to act effectively.



Crime Stoppers is not a replacement for emergency services like 911; instead, it complements existing law enforcement efforts by leveraging community involvement and anonymous tips to help solve crimes that might otherwise go unsolved.


By bridging the gap between law enforcement and the public, Crime Stoppers has become a powerful tool in the fight against crime, fostering a sense of safety, security, and collaboration within communities worldwide.


Questions? Visit the Canadian Crime Stoppers FAQ page.

How crime stoppers helps communities

Anonymity: One of the most crucial aspects of Crime Stoppers is the guarantee of anonymity for those who provide information. This anonymity encourages individuals who might otherwise be reluctant to come forward due to fear of retribution or retaliation. Crime Stoppers does not use any form of caller identification, tracing or tracking. We do not collect any personal information from our citizens, so you remain completely anonymous. After submitting a tip, you will be provided a unique code to use when checking the status of your tip or picking up your reward.


Community Involvement: Crime Stoppers actively involves the public in reporting crimes and providing vital information to law enforcement agencies. It empowers individuals to take responsibility for the safety and security of their communities.


Rewards: Crime Stoppers can offer cash rewards for information that leads to the resolution of a crime. These rewards can serve as a powerful motivator for people to come forward with valuable information.


Tips and Information: Members of the public can provide tips and information about various crimes, such as homicides, robberies, drug trafficking, vandalism, and more. The information can be submitted through a toll-free hotline, or website.


Coordination with Law Enforcement: Crime Stoppers acts as an intermediary between the tipsters and law enforcement agencies. The information received is then forwarded to the appropriate authorities, who act based on the provided details.


Independence: Crime Stoppers is an independent nonprofit organization, which allows it to work in collaboration with law enforcement, media, and the community while maintaining impartiality.


Media Partnership: The program relies on media outlets to publicize cases, suspects, and updates, increasing the reach of the program and encouraging more people to come forward with information.


Success Rate: Crime Stoppers has been remarkably successful over the years, leading to the arrest and conviction of thousands of criminals worldwide. Its effectiveness is attributed to the combined efforts of the public, law enforcement, and media.


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